The Irrelevancy of Surnames – THORPE = COMPTON/CRUMPTON?

My son’s surname is my maiden name, his father’s is THORPE, and then that line goes back a few generations until I just lose it. So I thought a Y-DNA test was in order to join the Thorpe DNA Project so that would settle that, right?

I was wrong. His Y-DNA didn’t “hook up” to the Thorpes at all.

Y-DNA is supposed to be easy, right? Not like mtDNA where women are always changing their surnames.

But nooooooo – we have those “non-marital events.”

I added his kit to the I1 project. My son’s Y-DNA is I1 (or I1-Z140 L338 AS-1 [Z60+, Z140+, Z2535+, L338+], as classified by the I1 project administrator), and the markers do not match close enough with any of the THORPE lines. But, his closest matches there and on Family Tree DNA as a whole are with people who either have the COMPTON or CRUMPTON surname or whose MDKA (most distant known ancestor) was a COMPTON or a CRUMPTON.

Well, now that is just messy.

More will be revealed, Mr. Compton. What Thorpe girl did you spend some time with back in the day down in North or South Carolina?


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