Was Charles TROUTMAN a TROUTMAN at all? – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 8)

I have written here and here about my father’s paternal grandfather Charles TROUTMAN. What I have found out about him is interesting, although limited. I encourage you, if you haven’t yet, to read it.

My brother’s Y-DNA results are coming in. So far, up to the 67 marker level has been returned. At this time, Family Tree DNA has a predicted haplogroup for my brother of R-M269.

I am seeing three things of significance in his matches. First, there are very few. Second, there are no TROUTMAN (and various) matches. And third, the men who do match are mostly of English, Scottish, or Irish origin.

Here we go again.

So let’s run down what we know about Charles TROUTMAN up to this point.

His son Earl Lawrence TRAUTMAN’s (my paternal grandfather’s) birth record, the earliest document I have that states Charles’ birth place, gives Charles’ place of birth as Germany. Earl’s later census records give it as either Ohio or New York. I have no better evidence than this, so I don’t know which is accurate. I have been going on Germany as the most valid, since it could have been a fact given by Charles to his wife Carrie D. VIRKLER, and was put on my grandfather Earl’s birth record, but who knows? Unfortunately, the marriage record of Charles TROUTMAN and Carrie VIRKLER does not give birth information.

Charles’ year of birth was most likely between 1871 and 1874. The 1893 marriage with Carrie VIRKLER would have required him to be 21, although that easily could have been fibbed. Earl’s birth a record a little over 2 months later gives Charles’ age also as 21. Both of these would put his birth year around 1871-1872. However, the newspaper articles in Cleveland which describe some illegal activities of the boy and young man Charles TROUTMAN probably put his birth year more like 1873 or 1874.

I cannot find a World War 1 draft registration form for someone who would be this Charles TROUTMAN. I have been able to rule out those who could have been him by confirming that the records belong to other men.

As I mentioned above, there are very few matches. Family Tree DNA has none at the 67 or 37 levels. There are 3 matches at the 25 marker level, all with a genetic distance of 2. Most distant known ancestor surnames for these three are HODGES, MARTIN, and FOSTER, all three with birth dates in the 17th and 18th centuries, and two who were born in the Colonies. The third, MARTIN, does not give a birth place.

At the 12 marker level, there are three more matches. They are at a genetic distance of 0. One of them does have a Germanic surname, HAUSER, and the other two are McINTYRE and SALISBURY. Most distant known ancestor is not given for any of these.

I’m not sure what I was expecting. A magical solution? Something that would break down this brick wall and take this line all the way back to ancient times?

I have been “stuck” on my direct maternal line for so long that I thought that finding the answers there would be next to impossible, even with DNA. However, I am actually closer now with my mtDNA matches than it looks like I will be with these.

Another sigh.


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