My Veteran Ancestors – 52 Ancestors (Ancestors 2, 6, 22, 56, 58, 62, 152, and 176)

Yesterday, I published articles on two of my ancestors. In honor of their service, I thought I would write a brief military biography of each of the rest of my veteran ancestors.

Thomas JOHNSON, #62, a North Carolina Quaker (therefore a pacifist by birth), during the War of 1812, enlisted and deserted five days later. Clearly, he does not qualify as a veteran, but I wanted to list this anyway as it is a part of my family heritage.

George W. TAGUE, #58, a 30 year old Indiana farmer with a wife and four young children (three sons and a daughter), enlisted in the as a Union Soldier of the Civil War in Company B of the 99th Indiana Infantry Regiment as a 1st Lieutenant in 1862 and was promoted to the rank of Full Captain five months later. He was also a physician.

I have two more Union Civil War ancestors, two Revolutionary War ancestors, one WW1 ancestor, and one WW2 ancestor. I do not have the service records for all of these men yet, but in honor of their service, I thought I would write a brief military biography of each of them.


Michael Blue – Revolutionary War Veteran

Michael BLUE, #152, was born in 1748, and died 27 August 1827 in Bloomingburg, Fayette County, Ohio, USA. SAR applications say that he served in the Virginia Militia (Berkeley County), Capt. Hanse Van Metre’s Company, as a private. He was then, in 1780, drafted into the Regular Army.

James Renfro – Revolutionary War Veteran

James RENFRO, #176, was born circa 1727 in Virginia, and died before July 1801 in Kentucky, USA. His surname is also spelled RENTFRO and RENFREW in military (and other) records. He is the great-grandfather of John Marion RENFRO, Civil War veteran who I wrote about below. A verified DAR application of one of his descendants states that James served as a Private in Capt. Andrew Kinkead’s Co. of Lincoln County, Kentucky, in 1781, and Capt. John Woods Co. at Estill’s Station in 1782. Both of these Militia were under George Rogers Clark.


Isaac Van Duyn – Union Civil War Veteran

Isaac VAN DUYN, #56, was born on 15 May 1822 in Ohio, USA and died 6 September 1903 in Shirley, Hancock County, Indiana, USA. He enlisted 19 August 1862 as a Private in Company H of the Indiana 69th Infantry Regiment and mustered out on 23 May 1865. He suffered wounds during the war. Later he became blind.

John Marion Renfro – Union Civil War Veteran

John Marion RENFRO, #22, was born in 1846 in Illinois, USA and died 20 December 1916 in Wichita,  Kansas, USA. He enlisted 25 April 1864 at the age of 18 as a Private in Company A of the 9th Calvary Regiment, Illinois. He mustered out on 31 October 1865 in Selma, Alabama, USA. He was from Rock Island, Illinois, and went back there after his discharge. His later life consisted of many moves and personal choices which I will describe in a later post.


Roy Ulmont Wilson – World War I Veteran

Roy U. WILSON, #6, was my maternal grandfather, my mother’s daddy. He was born 1 October 1894 in Brown Township, Hancock County, Indiana, and died 12 December 1939 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. He enlisted in the Army on 7 April 1917 and was honorably discharged on 9 April 1919. He served as a Sgt. of Co. A 506 Engineers.

James Joseph Trautman – World War II Veteran

James Joseph TRAUTMAN, #2, my male parent enlisted in the U.S. Navy in New York when he was 17, on 2 October 1946. He served 3 years, 1 month, and 21 days, separating on 22 November 1949. He served at the US Naval Training Center (USNTC) in Bainbridge, Maryland, and in fighter squadron VF8A (later redesignated VF72). He held the ratings of AS S2 AA AN. He was born 19 January 1929 on Staten Island, New York, and died 21 March 1985 in Indiana.

I may have one or more Veteran ancestors that I have not discovered yet. Something to write about next year.

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