The Tortures of My Past Mistakes

Public domain image from Wikipedia topic "Torture Chamber." Downloaded 11 January 2015.

Public domain image from Wikipedia topic “Torture Chamber.” Downloaded 11 January 2015.

I am writing this week’s 52 Ancestors post. I am finding decades long assumptions for which I have no documentation. Or at least no sources electronically documented.

If I do have sources, they are in Rubbermaid tubs in my garage on a large plastic storage shelf in between two other large plastic storage shelves, with no space in between.

Therein lies my self-inflicted torture. I just wrote that I would be documenting my sources, every single fact, in 2015. I had that practice going well about 15 years ago when I did my COON family research. Then I slacked off, and now I’m paying for it.

I know I’m not alone in this. None of us is perfect. We have all made our share of genealogical mistakes. Progress is not a straight line.

If, when I dig into those tubs, I find that I have no sources for the “facts,” then they will become assumptions, footnotes in my writing at best, because I sure cannot find the sources electronically – except my own non-documented assumptions from over a decade ago.

At least I can’t go to prison for this. Genealogy prison? No. Genealogy torture chamber? Yes.

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One Response to The Tortures of My Past Mistakes

  1. Thank you. A cautionary tale for those of us who are new to this.


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