Future Genealogists and the Genealogists’ Oath

Clipboard image from Office.com.

Clipboard image from Office.com.

Research is about the conclusions you draw with the evidence you have found and documenting how you came up with those conclusions so that the Genealogist-In-The-Future-Who-Is-Better-Than-You-Or-Who-Has-Access-To-More-Records can know the whats, wheres, and whys of your work.

The Future could be this afternoon or ten, fifty, or 250 years from now.

This way, that Genealogist-In-The-Future… will also be able to tell what you missed and can avoid banging his or her head against the wall.

The Genealogists’ Oath should begin with First, do nothing that could cause future genealogists to bang their heads against the wall.

(Apologies to the Hippocratic Oath.)

3 thoughts on “Future Genealogists and the Genealogists’ Oath

  1. I was so happy to read about your King Richard and so funny. I have been researching my gg grandmother who was Jane King. Her grandfather was Joshua King and he was the father of Richard King and Robert King. This is my mothers line as Jane King married George Lemmons and were the parents of Ruth Eleanor King who married Franklin Tanner in Decatur Co. Indiana and he was my mothers grandfather.
    I am still working on the King and Lemmon lines. Thank you. Jean M.


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