Lesson this Week : Providing Context

As I was writing this week’s blog about KINGs in Kentucky, it occurred to me that not everyone in the world would know where Kentucky is or who Daniel Boone was. I know those two things are, for a lot of us here in the states, common knowledge, but that is not the case for everybody.

This is silly. I was being waited on recently by a girl who was probably in her early 20s when Madonna’s 1983 hit “Holiday” came on the radio. I said, “Oh, it’s Madonna. I haven’t heard her in a long time.” Then I realized that the girl may not even know who Madonna is (even though Madonna is still recording). So, I made a comment that she was one of the earliest stars on MTV when it began around 1982. Then I realized this girl was not even born in the 80s. And so I wouldn’t feel any older than I already did, I stopped talking.

My point is that I at first used Kentucky and Daniel Boone in my KING post without realizing that most of the people in the world (I have about 30 readers, but still) are likely to have no context in which to put them. I added the context, and it only took a few minutes.

Now I have Madonna’s “Holiday” stuck in my head.

Holiday clip art

1 thought on “Lesson this Week : Providing Context

  1. Great point! And, I love that we truly live in a global society. Even though our readers might be few, you never know who might read the post and need some context! 🙂

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