My Indiana WILSON Pioneer Ancestors: Bones Gone Away – 52 Ancestors (Ancestors 48, 49, 96, and 97)

Robert and Nancy (SCOTT) WILSON [48 and 49] and Robert’s parents Isaac and Anna WILSON [96 and 97] came to northeast Decatur County, Indiana, in the early- to mid-1820s from the state of Delaware. Robert and Nancy spent some years in Kentucky prior to their move north to Indiana. It is possible that siblings of Robert also moved to Indiana. Isaac and Anna WILSON may have moved directly from Delaware to Indiana.

Robert WILSON died in 1833, Nancy in 1883, and Isaac and Anna after 1826, possibly in Rush County, which is on the north border of Decatur County. Nancy (SCOTT) WILSON had remarried to a John MILLER about 10 years after Robert died.

Robert and Nancy are said to have been buried on “the Donnell farm” or “the old Donnell farm.” The DONNELLs owned a lot of land in Decatur County, Indiana. Family tradition has it that the graves have been destroyed and the area is now a plowed field. The remains could (should) still very well be there.

I have spent time in the past few days plotting known graveyard locations for Decatur County on a Google Map. I have also mapped Robert WILSON’s land patent locations and some early DONNELL land patent locations. They are in close proximity. Of course, it couldn’t be as lucky as a cemetery just existing on a DONNELL land patent.

Old Donnell Land - approx 160 acres - that I'm keeping an eye on. Decatur County, Indiana.

Some Old Donnell Land – approx 160 acres – that I’m keeping an eye on. Decatur County, Indiana. Copyright Notice: You do not have permission to download or copy this image without obtaining it from me. Thank you.

What has not been done yet is the checking of deeds. I currently have a helper angel working with me on this.

Necessarily, I’ve been looking in to Indiana cemetery laws and restoration and preservation stumbling blocks. Regardless of which old DONNELL farm holds my WILSONs’ remains, those remains were and are on private property. They are in what is known as an “Indiana Pioneer Family Cemetery.” And did you know that in Indiana, if a burial ground is on private property, some protection is offered to that burial ground in that a class D felony will be committed by anybody who disturbs it for the reasons that as genealogists we may wish to disturb it, which would basically be to preserve it, but if the area is disturbed for reasons of surface coal mining or agriculture, the disturber is in the clear (provided, of course, the owner agreed)?

With today’s technology, I find it hard to believe that there wouldn’t be a way that those graves could be found. It would take a lot of work and cooperation, probably some money, time, effort, and gracious angels, but I want my long lost ancestors’ bones to be honored. Just like I want to know more about them, I want to bring them back – so that they are not so far away.

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