23andMe Downloadable IBD Segment File Hair Pulling

Everyone has pet peeves, or at least I would assume so. Some of mine just related to grammar are when people confuse “bring” and “take,” use “that” when they should use “who,” randomly use commas that should go or not go in certain places (i.e., use the Shatner comma or just throw out the Oxford comma), and publish clearly unedited books. (All spelling and grammatical errors are okay when used as a part of kitteh-speek.)

Paulo Ordoveza from Washington, DC - Pandora Are Serious Cat

Paulo Ordoveza from Washington, DC – Pandora Are Serious Cat

Okay, I have a lot of peeves – so many that I can’t even remember them all.

Anyway, after I received my DNA results from 23andMe last fall and started using their downloadable IBD segment file, which can be requested for aggregation and downloaded from this link, I gained another one. I must say, though, that I am glad we have something we can download on 23andMe that will give us our matching chromosome segments, whereas on AncestryDNA, we have nothing.

But, here are my issues with 23andMe’s file:

  1. it is not easy to find (I gave the link, above, but you still have to squint to find it on the page);
  2. it is an annoying three step process to get: request an aggregation, wait for the notification email that the aggregation is complete, then download the .csv file;
  3. it only contains matching segments that are greater than 23andMe’s identified minimum; and,
  4. the most frustrating and useless feature, it contains X matches without any autosomal data to go with them.

Yes, folks, you read #4 correctly. All I can do is shake my head and hope that somebody will explain to me how that could possibly be useful. I don’t even think I’d classify this as a peeve; it is more like a facepalm event.


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