Dear Kenny – Any Suggestions for Our New Ancestor Discoveries?

Dear Kenny,

I thought you and I were having a heartfelt discussion. I was sure you would contcryingact me over the weekend so we could talk about your communication to the community. I am sad that I did not hear from you.

Perhaps you have been busy today, talking with customers, working on your VoC skills. If so, I commend you for that.

I have been busy today as well. I have been taking a look at the tree I have attached to my DNA results to see in what way you may be able to help me move forward in my research using just my DNA.

Several of us have been working on this, actually. There are about 12 of us who match each other on Chromosome 5 at significant cMs and SNPs between approximately positions 32,000,000 and 58,000,000. We have found each other through Family Tree DNA using triangulation and chromosome matching, and because FTDNA allows us to access this information, the same information that AncestryDNA keeps from us, we can have a lively discussion about how we may be related.

But, alas, Kenny. As mere mortals, we are not able to find this information using just our DNA. We need more information on common surnames and ancestors. We are waiting for more of the group to respond to messages. There are currently only five of us now who are in the email loop. We have not yet found the ancestor connection – the discovery of the new ancestor.

It occurred to me, though, that if we were all on AncestryDNA, we could probably wake up tomorrow with the answer right in front of us! Using just our DNA and our data that you keep secret from us, including how we match each other, you could give us a New Ancestor Discovery. YOU could do all of the work for US! Do you think the rest of us should take the AncestryDNA test so we can find the answer using your method?

If that would work, Kenny, it would certainly be worth it.

Sleep well.

3 thoughts on “Dear Kenny – Any Suggestions for Our New Ancestor Discoveries?

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