I Hate 23andMe

I hate 23andMe.

I hate that I have 1093 “DNA Relatives,” have contacted EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THEM (with an awesome email), and have only 290 sharing genomes with me.

I hate that my closest two “DNA Relatives” have never responded, and I can’t even see their names.

I hate that I have to go through the Sharing Genomes process to begin with in order to see where I match a “DNA Relative,” as opposed to on Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch, where the ability to see the chromosome matches is automatically featured.


I hate that their website is so slow.

I hate that I have to use their clumsy and slow internal email system.

I hate that it even bothers to show you  people who only match you on the X-Chromosome.

I hate that you have to go through the added “Family Inheritance” feature to get a download of your matches, and then the only chromosomes it includes for each match are the ones above 23andMe’s defined threshold.

I hate that you have to request an aggregated list of your matches and wait, and wait, and wait for that email that tell you it’s ready for download.

I hate that newer 23andMe users cannot transfer to Family Tree DNA.

I hate that if a user doesn’t make his or her profile public, all I get is Male or Female – not even a face or a name.

I hate that you have to pick not only the person to triangulate with you, but also the other people you want to test for triangulation with that person!

And most of all, I just hate what I know I’m missing out on. I feel cheated and misled and had no idea that the functionality would be so lacking.

I have found a few significant matches from people who I knew to contact ahead of time because their profiles were public, And yes, I am glad I did, because a brick wall has almost been broken through.

But, wow, do I hate 23andMe.

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7 Responses to I Hate 23andMe

  1. I don’t, but I feel you.


  2. Diane Buckli says:

    Just got preliminary mtDNA results of haplogroup u5a1 – waiting for more details from 23andme – your review of them makes me somewhat pessimistic.


    • Just because I hate them doesn’t mean I’ve not had valuable results. I actually found a connection that may break a brick wall. My frustration is just that there could be so much more value in it were the things I hate changed. At least in my opinion.


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