TROUTMAN/TRAUTMAN – New Family Tree DNA Surname Project

I started a surname project at Family Tree DNA! 🙂

The purpose of the TROUTMAN/TRAUTMAN surname project is to identify the various family lines and their origins. The initial study will be of men who have Y-DNA tested and who either have the surname of a variation of Troutman or Trautman, or whose most distant known ancestor has one of these variations. For example, if you are a man who wishes to join this project, and your surname is Jones, but you know that your direct male line great-grandfather’s name was Trautmann, you can join this project.

I am a direct descendant on the male line of a Charles Troutman who was born about 1874. That is my dead end on this line, although based on autosomal DNA results and much traditional research, I do have a suspicion on his parentage and ancestry. My brother’s kit represents our immediate family. Like me, if you do not carry a Y chromosome, you can submit the Y-DNA test results of a sibling, cousin, uncle, parent, grandparent, etc., in your known family.

Although this study will begin with individuals who reside in the USA, that is of course not a requirement for joining. As a matter of fact, if you are a Troutman or Trautman descendant from Europe whose ancestors did not emigrate to another country, your results could make a significant impact on helping us track down our “roots” and you track down your overseas cousins.

According to Ancestry’s Troutman, Trautman, etc., family history pages (e.g.,, which are based on the U.S. Federal Census data, the two most common spellings of the surname are Troutman and Trautman, and Pennsylvania had the most Troutman families between 1840 and 1920. There was a Troutman settlement in North Carolina, and there are families spread around the country, mostly east of the Mississippi. One of the goals of this project is to tie them all together, or not if they are unrelated.

If your surname, or your most distant known paternal ancestor’s surname, is a variation of Troutman or Trautman that is not listed on the page introduction, but is clearly a variation, you can either contact me or join the project and I’ll contact you if there are questions.

Pass the word!

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