AncestryDNA Black Friday Sale : Nov 27-30, 2015

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AncestryDNA Black Friday Sale : Nov 27-30, 2015

It started today, and it goes through November 30th. AncestryDNA’s Black Friday Sale. You can get a regularly priced $99 kit for only $69. That is 30% off, and a very, very good deal for a DNA test.

AncestryDNA Kit Logo, Image Copyright Ancestry.comShipping is $9.95.1

AncestryDNA tests your Autosomal DNA – that is, the DNA that can be inherited from any of your ancestors, not just your male or female ancestors.

The results of this test can then be uploaded into both the Family Tree DNA and GEDmatch databases for free.

The Legal Genealogist Judy G. Russell recommends the following as a testing strategy for getting your DNA results into as many data pools as possible in the most economical fashion:

  1. test at AncestryDNA;
  2. immediately transfer your results to Family Tree DNA for free, activating full functionality for $39; then,
  3. if or when you can afford it, test with 23andMe.2

I will add that once you test at AncestryDNA and get your results, go immediately to GEDmatch and transfer your results there, in addition to Family Tree DNA. You can do both transfers at the same time. There are instructions you can access from GEDmatch’s home page. GEDmatch is literally free for us, but not at all literally free for its creators and maintainers. It is supported by their own time, money, committment, hard work, and sweat. They have day jobs. So GEDmatch accepts donations and memberships, and it provides Tier 1 tools to those who do either.

AncestryDNA is at the chronological top of that list, and through Monday, it is at the extra special economical top as well. It has a huge database of testers, but virtually no tools to allow you to analyze in what way you may be DNA-related to those matches. Nonetheless, I’m glad my spit sits there. I’ve found some cousins through AncestryDNA, but we’ve always verified in other ways.

Although I’m not fond of the commercialization of the Holidays, I do like these Holiday DNA Sales.

And do I recommend that you take advantage of this one?



1.^ Elizabeth Wilson Ballard, “Happy Thanksgiving, or What’s With the FTDNA Shipping Cost?” Diggin’ Up Graves ( : accessed 27 November 2015). I have strong opinions about shipping costs. I would rather they be hidden. It makes me think that I’m getting something extra.
2.^ Judy G. Russell, “2015: Most bang for the DNA buck,” The Legal Genealogist ( : accessed 27 November 2015). Near the end of the article is where Judy covers this topic.


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