Family Search Indexing – “Give the Gift of Discovery”

A few days ago, I happened upon an ad on the Family Search website asking for volunteers to do indexing here at the holidays.

This Christmas season, you can give others the joy of discovering their ancestors by taking time to index. Volunteer indexing has already made more than a billion records easily and freely searchable on — and your help is needed! Your gift of indexing will help bring year-long Christmas cheer to researchers in need around the world.1

Well, I must have been feeling particularly benevolent, because they had me! I thought I’d check it out, and now I’m indexing. It was just about that simple. What I am finding is that my few years (cough) of staring at old microfilms and familysearchindexing2015court records, trying to decipher old handwriting, is a huge benefit. There is something good about being close to 29 (cough), apparently.

If you are an indexer already, check out Family Search’s Christmas Challenge.

If you are not an indexer yet, check out Family Search’s Christmas Challenge.

I’ve already indexed 191 records. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but it sounds good.

So, if you’ve ever thought of being a part of indexing, or ever come across an indexed record and thought, “How the heck could ‘Smith’ have been indexed as ‘Smurf,’ and who does that, anyway??”, then now is your chance to change “Smurf” back to “Smith,” (or “Care Bear,” if you prefer, although I’m sure that would get arbitrated out).

How many out there are indexers or have decided to take up the hobby now like I have?


1.^ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, “Give the Gift of Discovery,” FamilySearch Blog ( : accessed 7 December 2015).

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2 Responses to Family Search Indexing – “Give the Gift of Discovery”

  1. Tom B. says:

    I was once pouring over census records, feverishly (to set the mood) when I found some Smoot and Price families. I remembered them. they were all Black. except this census taker had listed them as all White. (I wonder where his or her head was?) I initiated a change order. I never went back to see if they actually got their promotion. But, all Smoot’s and Prices were Negro in that district. How can one not notice that?


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