This is Not Unusual

It is not unusual for me to go months without posting.

However, it is unusual for me to have a broken arm.

It was a radial head fracture, to be precise, which is a fracture at the head (top) of the radial bone of the lower arm. I was in a splint for 4 weeks and have been free to live without it for two days now. I had to type, eat, text, and do many other things with my non-dominant left hand and arm. So even if I had been able to focus on any genealogical research, I couldn’t have written it up.

My arm hurts still. And now instead of being told not to move it, I am being told to move it. The dang thing is stuck in a semi-folded position which I have to work on everyday.

So, soon, I’ll probably be thinking of somebody to write about.

Until then, here is a picture of one of our cats.


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4 Responses to This is Not Unusual

  1. I just clicked like and then thought “WordPress needs choices like Facebook has now because I don’t actually like this, I feel bad that your arm hurts and even worse that you have been kept from your genealogy!” Either way, best to you, hope you feel much better very soon.


  2. Randal Wallen says:

    Hey, Glad to see you are on the mend.



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