CoonWEB – The Coon Families of East Central Indiana

CoonWEB is Moving to CoonGenealogy WordPress

From 1999-2001, I performed extensive research on east central Indiana Coon* families. I put that research online at a free Rootsweb site, and it has been available ever since, with little modification to it.

I had once hoped to be able to publish this information in book form, which I suppose I can still do. But to not make it available on the Internet as sourced research would, I believe, do a great disservice to the genealogical community. Especially since so much unsourced research exists. There is always the reality that “researchers” will snag your work and not source you no matter how you publish it. It is unfortunate. But if it does happen, I’d rather it happen with data that is accurate.

If you have questions on how and why to cite your sources and document your evidence, I recommend obtaining the book Evidence Explained – Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace, by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

The access of online records has not only extended my Coon family research, but has helped to correct some of my errors. The availability of “ready-made” web sites such as blogs on WordPress has given me the idea of moving my old Rootsweb site to WordPress. It occurred to me to put each CoonWEB post in a new category called, of course, CoonWEB on this Diggin’ Up Graves blog. But then it occurred to me that it would be better to separate them. My Coon relatives may like to avoid my rants, general genealogy posts, and posts on other families.

The initial move should take little effort, as most of it will entail copying and pasting the HTML from HTML files to a WordPress post, and putting the source citations instead of on a single citations page to the end of each individual post. Rather than having each post be a static element, I am considering updating information as new facts are discovered.

I am proud of my Coon family research, and I hope to be able to be considered an expert in this area. Perhaps there is no humility in this statement, but it is honest.

Back in the day, I used The Master Genealogist. Oh, how I miss that program. I was able to beautifully format my research in HTML and output it to create my site as the data changed. But TMG updated itself numerous times, and eventually somehow my formatting got lost – most likely the error of this user. So now I keep my data and sources in a private Ancestry tree, and format the sources as directed by Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained upon publishing. WordPress writes its own HTML. Who would have thought that technology would be available someday?

I am dismayed at all of the incorrect trees “out there” on Coon families. But it’s no different than other families. Although the Internet has helped people to perpetuate the incorrect, perhaps when factual documented research is made available online, the Internet will help to perpetuate the correct.

Let it start here.

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