My Aunt Janie

My Aunt Janie died 15 years ago today. She was my aunt by marriage, but when I was a child growing up, I didn’t know that. I just knew her as Aunt Janie.

She was married to one of my mother’s brothers, and they were the parents of my three cousins, all older than me. We didn’t see them daily, but I always liked it when we did.

When my cousin called me that afternoon, Valentine’s Day 2002, I knew why she was on the other end of the phone. Aunt Janie had been battling breast cancer off and on for years, and it had finally taken hold and would not let go. Aunt Janie was on hospice in Winter 2002. Aunt Janie died on Valentine’s Day.Hearts for Aunt Janie

Lively, living, loving her daughter as a best friend, enduring my uncle’s eccentricities and not-so-niceties, always active, wonderful Aunt Janie.

You are dearly missed by your children and by me.

I wish I could give you a big hug.


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1 Response to My Aunt Janie

  1. You’ve honored her. But I so know that feeling…all too well.


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