When Genealogy and Real Life Connect

When Genealogy and Real Life Connect

I have met some wonderful people throughout my genealogy lifetime. “Met” either face to face, through letters, via telephone, or on the internet. Sometimes they become good friends. For some reason, we in common hook up — we who love animals or who have chronic pain or who garden. We are cousins by blood or marriage, and we are friends by choice.

This is the way it is with R. I “met” him in Spring 2015 when I was researching Mary “Annie” (SAWYER) WALLEN, an ancestor of my son. R is my son’s 3rd cousin, twice removed, descended from Ruben Benjamin WALLEN and Lucinda Minerva (PENLAND) WALLEN as their most recent common ancestors. Ruben was the son of Annie. R and I communicate periodically about life, the mountains, the weather, family, and sometimes genealogy. We have a lot in common, and I hope he and his wife and I can meet someday.

I received an email from R last night with pictures showing me the new stone that he and a cousin had purchased and had installed on Annie’s grave. It is in addition to the old, rugged stone that has existed for over 130 years. How wonderful it is to see that descendants exist, know about her, and care.

R also told me some very tragic news.

His brother-in-law and lifelong friend, Dave Morris, was taking his usual jog on 14 September when a truck swerved and hit him. The driver of the truck had no car insurance.

From the GoFundMe support page, created by his daughter (boldface mine):

Dave Morris is a father of four (me being the oldest of those), father figure to countless, provider, and an all around amazing individual. He was involved in an accident last Thursday, Sept 14th while he was jogging along side State Rd 116 in Markle [Indiana]. A full size truck went off of the road and struck my Dad resulting in multiple injuries, one being 4 fractures to his lumbar spine. He was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU. He is currently in a rehab facilty after several days in the hospital. Due to the driver of the truck not having insurance, my parents are left with all of the medical bills incurred to save his life and continue on his journey to a full recovery. As my Dad does have insurance himself, it most certainly still leaves a very large amount to pay. My parents are not generally ones to ask for help, so on their behalf, please help in giving my Dad the support that he so very much deserves. Thank you in advance❤
Carry each other’s burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. -Galatians 6:2

Not only is Dave left with the medical bills after insurance (co-payments and deductibles are ridiculously large), he is not able to work. They are asking for help.

I donated as much as I could right now, and it wasn’t much. I am asking on their behalf — please donate and share.


Thank you.


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