Genealogy Plans for 2018

Well, since I don’t seem to be finishing any posts lately (yet I have about a dozen in progress and keep having more ideas), I thought I would at least write, for the record, a few plans for 2018. These are in no particular order.

  1. Continue to analyze deeds, wills, and other documents from Sussex County, Delaware, to gather information about my WILSON ancestry, with the hopes that I can form some solid, evidence based conclusions that I feel confident enough to publish.
  2. Finish and publish the article on John JUDGE, aka Hans REICHTER.
  3. Drive a few hours to Ohio to see the land where the same John JUDGE resided, as well as view any remains of the mill race that he built for Richard CONINE.
  4. Continue working on what I call the U5a1i1a1 mtDNA Study with some of my fellow matches so that at least some of us can get closer to finding our direct maternal line ancestresses and maybe break our mutual brick walls. See my first post on this topic at this link: Finding Mary WHITAKER, part 1 of ?  – mtDNA U5a1(i1a1) – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 127).

No sense in trying to push it, because those four items are plenty!

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