Sunday Fun Day – You Know You’re a Genealogist When…

Sunday Fun Day
You know you’re a genealogist when…

  • you casually ask your next-door neighbor what his mother’s maiden name was;
  • you become frustrated with Find A Grave because you have again reached your limit of photo requests;
  • your walls are covered with photos of dead people who look just like you;
  • you have to hold yourself back from building a tree for your cat on Ancestry;
  • you have on-line trees for every past spouse, boyfriend, and girlfriend;
  • you research the ancestry of your cousins’ “other sides”;
  • you get excited when you discover that an ancestor died from something other than cholera, tuberculosis, or pneumonia;
  • your vacations are spent in courthouses and libraries; and,
  • you have a pair of “cemetery walkin’ shoes” in your car — just in case.
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7 Responses to Sunday Fun Day – You Know You’re a Genealogist When…

  1. Ardubya says:

    Now that’s funny.! I don’t care who ya’ are!


  2. I haven’t tried building a tree for my cat yet but definitely have always had “cemetery walkin’ shoes” and always have fun researching my cousins’ “other sides”! Cheers – Magda

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  3. gentraveling says:

    Yep! You have to “casually” ask for maiden names! Otherwise people might suspect you’re a fanatic. Haha! :o)


  4. Miss Merry says:

    So glad to hear someone else has a wall of photos of dead people! Every time I find another ancestor’s photo, I make a 4 x 6 and put it on my wall. I am not alone!


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