Were Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON and Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW Sisters?

Patience WHITAKER was the wife of Elijah MARLOW. Their marriage bond was obtained in Rowan County, North Carolina, by Elijah and bondsman William PARKE on 14 July 1795.

Mary WHITAKER was the wife of Strangeman JOHNSON. Their marriage bond was obtained in Rowan County, North Carolina, by Strangeman and bondsman Elijah MARLOW on 6 March 1798. Strangeman and Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON were my 4th great-grandparents.

Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON is my matrilineal ancestor meaning that I carry her mitochondrial DNA. The haplogroup is U5a1i1a1. I don’t know if any matrilineal descendant of Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW has had a mitochondrial DNA test. I have traced the matrilineal ancestry of nearly all of my mtDNA FMS matches, and a few relevant HVR2 matches, and none go back to Patience. I’ve been building a descendancy tree of those who would carry Patience’s mtDNA. If you are descended from Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW, please contact me.

I can find no reliable evidence regarding the parentage of these two women. Circumstantial evidence that they may be related includes the following:

1. Elijah MARLOW was the husband of Patience WHITAKER, and he was the bondsman for the marriage bond of Strangeman JOHNSON and Mary WHITAKER, as shown above.

2. Elijah and Patience were married in 1795, so Elijah’s participation in the marriage of his sister-in-law would have been relevant.

3. Both Patience and Mary WHITAKER were the brides on marriage bonds in Rowan County, North Carolina.

4. Strangeman JOHNSON’s and Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON’s fourth daughter was named Patience JOHNSON.

5. Elijah MARLOW and Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW named a son Strangeman MARLOW.

Briefly, the children of Elijah MARLOW and Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW were

1. William Washington MARLOW 1795–1864 m. possibly Patience THOMAS
2. Strangeman MARLOW 1801–1820 n.m.
3. Barton MARLOW* c.1803–1843 m. Nancy BROWN
4. Mary “Polly” MARLOW c.1806–aft.1886 m. William SMITH
5. Sarah MARLOW 1809–1820 n.m.
6. Renard/Reynard MARLOW* 1811–1890 m. Nancy MADDEN
7. Melinda MARLOW 1814–1820 n.m.
8. Rebecca MARLOW 1817–1820 n.m.
9. Martha “Patsy” MARLOW 1823– m. Reuben PARKER

The children of Strangeman JOHNSON and Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON were

1. Rachel JOHNSON 1799–1863 m. Thomas JOHNSON (these are my 3rd great-grandparents)
2. William JOHNSON c.1801–1842 m. Jane JOHNSON
3. Lydia JOHNSON c.1805–aft.1880 m. Jesse JOHNSON
4. Sarah “Sallie” JOHNSON 1809–1862 m. Edward BEESON
5. Patience JOHNSON c.1812– m. John B JOHNSON
6. Hardy JOHNSON 1813–1882 m1. Mariah DAVIS; m2. Mary E GRIFFIN (married name LEWARK)
7. David JOHNSON 1821–1877 m1. Belinda DAVIS; possibly m2. BURRIS
8. Christina JOHNSON 1825–1904 m. Tilman CASEY

There also may have been a John JOHNSON and a Catherine JOHNSON as their children, but other than the names in an old family list, I have no evidence of them. There are several large gaps between children, indicating that there could have been others.

*BARTON is a surname of the most distant known matrilineal ancestor of one of my mtDNA matches. This is another clue. REYNARD/RENARD is also a surname, but I have not found it while researching the mtDNA lines.

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3 Responses to Were Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON and Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW Sisters?

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