Matrilineal Descendants of Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW of Iredell County, North Carolina

This article is a follow-up to “Were Mary (WHITAKER) JOHNSON and Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW Sisters?” In it, I laid out some circumstantial evidence that has led me to believe that Patience WHITAKER and Mary WHITAKER were related and even may have been sisters. You can review that short article for a refresher. Also, please see the endnotes [a] and [b] at the bottom of this page.

In today’s article, I would like to focus on finding living descendants of Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW, specifically matrilineal descendants. These descendants should have the same mitochondrial DNA as Patience, which can be determined through mitochondrial DNA testing (mtDNA testing) at Family Tree DNA, the only company to provide this type of test. Mitochondrial DNA testing of matrilineal descendants of Patience could prove or disprove that she and Mary were maternal relatives, e.g., that their mothers were siblings, that they had the same mother, or other scenarios.

Attempts at finding a paper trail for the parents of either of these women have yielded nothing concrete. There are candidates for a father, and discussion of this is out of scope of this article. As with so many situations in colonial and early America, many records do not have wives listed, and if they do, the wives are given without their maiden surnames.

Before I go any further, although this article will be focusing on matrilineal descendants, all descendants of Patience are important in unraveling the mystery of her parentage. If Patience and Mary were sisters, then living descendants of Patience and Mary may be around 6th cousins and have a small chance of matching in an autosomal DNA test as distant cousins. Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and 23andMe all offer this testing. At Family Tree DNA, the test is called Family Finder.

A daughter or son carries the mtDNA of her or his mother, but a son cannot pass it on to his children. To determine the mtDNA of Patience (WHITAKER) MARLOW, we need mtDNA tests taken by matrilineal descendants of her daughters. The living matrilineal descendants can be genetically male or female as long as their mother was a matrilineal descendant of one of Patience’s daughters. For great articles about mtDNA, see Roberta Estes’ blog DNA-eXplained. She has an entire section devoted to this topic at this link.

Below, I have listed deceased women who were matrilineal descendants of Patience and who may have living sons or daughters. I am sure some are left out because of lack of records or my inability to find them using resources at hand. If you are a son, daughter, or a full or maternal-side sister or brother of any of the following women, your mtDNA test could be of value in this. Additionally, if you are a direct female line granddaughter, great-granddaughter, etc., of one of these women, your mtDNA would be the same as theirs. Please contact me by commenting on this post or by using the contact form on this site.

Patience WHITAKER, parents unknown, m. circa 1795 Elijah MARLOW (sometimes early spelled MARLER), son of Thomas MARLOW and Elizabeth REYNARD (also spelled RENARD). Elijah obtained the bond for his marriage to Patience in Rowan County, North Carolina, on 14 July 1795, and the family was in Iredell County beginning with the 1800 U.S. Census. They had 5 daughters and 4 sons, and two of their daughters lived to adulthood, married, and had children. Those are the daughters of interest. Mary “Polly” MARLOW (b.c. 1806) married William SMITH, and Martha “Patsy” MARLOW (b.c. 1823) married in 1845 to Reuben L. PARKER.

Here is a list of the latest generation of deceased women who are descended from those two daughters and who may have living offspring with Patience’s mtDNA. The list is alphabetical by maiden surname then given name.

  • Emily Carolyn BINKLEY 1946–2021 m. COLLINS
  • Nancy Camilla BOOE 1932–2019 m. 1951 BAILEY
  • Wilma Louise BOOE 1937–2013 m. 1958 COLE
  • Mary Louise CRANFILL 1923–2008 m. 1940 Lloyd Grant ALLEN
  • Dorothy Mae DYSON 1933–2020 m. 1956 Bobby Gray STOKES
  • Annie Leona HUTCHENS 1914–1995 m. 1931 Roby Addison BAITY
  • Helen Lewis HUTCHENS 1923–1991 m. 1943 Joseph Paul CRANFILL
  • Ethel Mae HUTCHENS 1906–1992 m. 1923 William Luther WALLACE
  • Mattie Lou HUTCHENS 1897–1978 m. 1912 John Blaine HUTCHINS
  • Pauline HUTCHENS 1925–2017 m. Hubert Arbor BLAKE
  • Mary Josephine HUTCHINS 1916–1995 m. 1937 Charlie David RICHIE
  • Nannie Mae JORDAN 1907–2000 m. 1923 Aaron Jack BOOE
  • Lucy Bell O’NEAL 1911–1992 m. 1933 Glenn WILLIAMS
  • Mary Magdalene O’NEAL 1923–2000 m. 1941 James Robert ALLEY
  • Anna Lois PEOPLES 1924–2001 m. 1959 Hubert Harrison CRANFILL
  • Esther Louise PEOPLES 1917–1999 m. 1945 Monroe DRAUGHN
  • Bobbie Jean PENNINGTON 1935–1976 m. GRIMES, HODGES
  • Daisy Mae PENNINGTON 1929–2006 m. Ulyss McRae TEMPLE
  • Jessie Ruth PENNINGTON 1922–2010 m. 1939 Knox Henry POWELL
  • Lois Elmira PENNINGTON 1932–2018
  • Wilma Jean POWELL 1940–c.2014
  • Esther Lenoir REAVIS 1921–2007 m. 1941 Roy Thomas FOSTER
  • Bertha Naomi REEVES 1900–1979 m. Thomas Munsey RICHARDSON
  • Nannie Malona REEVES 1907–1940 m. 1928 Thomas Monzy DYSON
  • Frances Angelene RICHARDSON 1929–1999 m. James Oscar MATTOX
  • Janet Ann RICHARDSON 1933–2007 m. 1957 Bobby Eugene POOLE
  • Margret Lorene RICHARDSON 1928–2005 m. BARKER
  • Jo Ann TRIVITTE 1939–1996 m. HAWKS
  • Lilah Pauline TRIVETTE 1928–2019 m. SMITH
  • Flora Malonea TUTTEROW 1919–2010 m. 1937 Clyde Delia CLEARY
  • Mary Lee WALLACE 1923–2009 m. Dorsett HARRIS
  • Pansy Louise WALLACE 1926–2003 m. Oval Odell LASH
  • Lena Maloney WHITAKER 1901–1986 m. Henry Watson TRIVITTE
  • Lilah Elmira WHITAKER 1915–2014 m. ADAMS
  • Margery Mollie WHITAKER 1913–2000 m. Howard BINKLEY
  • Mary Retta WHITAKER 1898–1976 m. 1920 David Godfrey PENNINGTON

[a] The facts stated in this document are intentionally uncited. All facts have sources, but they are not shown here. If you are interested in follow-up information to help with your research, please contact me.
[b] This is my research. Please respect my copyright.

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  1. Thank you for documenting the results of your research. Many generations to follow will benefit from your efforts!


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