My name is Elizabeth Wilson Ballard, and I have been a genealogist for over 35 years. I started this blog so that I would have a place to write for Amy Johnson Crow’s 2014 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks.

You can contact me directly through the Contact E page.

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  1. Enjoy your Johnson research. What are your thoughts on Elizabeth Johnson Myers of Hancock County, IND? Strongly suspect she is the eldest child of David and Fruzanna Bowles Johnson.


  2. Jane Wurster says:

    Your work on Richard King is amazing. I am a descendent of Henry B Wilson also (my dad has gone to a few of the Wilson reunions). I have just gotten into genealogy really this past fall and am so addicted. I ran into your work searching for info on HBW’s parents. Would love to hear if you find any results!


    • Jane,

      Thank you! That is a very nice compliment. I do enjoy my genealogy; this is my passion. There is work to do on this King line, and my 3-ring binders from years ago are in the garage just calling to me to get them out. I may have information hidden in them that I have forgotten about.

      Henry Bascom Wilson’s parents were Robert and Nancy (Scott) Wilson, and his grandparents were Isaac and Anna. Over time, I will be writing more about them. Can I email you?



  3. karin says:

    hi. I thoroughly enjoyed your highly entertaining piece on your king and queen. This may not help you but i have a John Ballenger born 1819 in Kentucky ( bourbon, I think ) he married a Mary Jane King and a Mary Jane Ballenger… This John Ballenger is the brother of Mariah Ballenger born 1812 in Bourbon Co. Ky. Mariah married John Zimmerlee b. 1809 one of their kids, Pauline, b.abt 1838 was my dad’s ggrandmother. The above mentioned John Ballenger’s parents were Edward Ballenger and Charlotte Yarbrough.

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    • Thank you, Karin! I will let other King researchers know.


    • Betsey Kirkemo says:

      Hi Karin–I’m one of Elizabeth’s many Wilson cousins, and she and I exchange information from time to time. We hadn’t discussed the Ballengers until I had a DNA match and the person asked me how we were related. It took me a little while, but I managed to get her people back to a female Ballenger in Montana, whose father was from Kentucky. Then I knew we were on the right track. I’m going to jump wholeheartedly into the Ballenger pool in the near future and just might have to reach out for additional sourcing.

      I live in the Denver area and it turns out the lady whose DNA matched mine lives 4 miles from me. Her ancestors were Denver pioneers and I was really unsure when I started how I was ever going to connect my deep south ancestors to hers. But it was done. Elizabeth is further along in her research than I am, so hopefully we’ll circle back and figure out where we have overlap in the near future.


  4. N. Jean Howell Markstrom says:

    I have your Amanda Melvina King is the daughter of Silas Mercer King and Frances Marshall Parker King. Silas King was the son of Joshua Thomas King and Hannah Canady (Kennedy}
    Silas was the brother of my Jane King.
    jmarkstrom13@gmail.com I wrote before and just found out about the DNA


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