The Much Married Renfro – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 22)

Well, here we go again.

Just when I thought the story couldn’t get any juicier, my great, great grandfather John Marion RENFRO has outdone himself. Well, he outdid himself. And how appropriate that this week’s topic for 52 Ancestors is weddings.

I recommend a reading of my first post on John Marion RENFRO before you continue.

New Information

In this post, I want to present two of the revealing newspaper articles from 1893 and information I found about a marriage mentioned in the articles. I found these articles just last night, looked at this week’s topic, and knew it was providence. There is much more of the story to tell, I am certain of that, but I’ll continue with what I know now.

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John Marion RENFRO – Union Soldier and Polygamist – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 22)

John Marion RENFRO was my paternal grandmother’s maternal grandfather. He was born about 1846 in either Madison County or Rock Island County, Illinois, to Absalom RENFRO and Elizabeth (CORMACK) RENFRO. The surname RENFRO is of Scottish origin (possibly of the location Renfrewshire), and CORMACK (McCORMACK, MacCORMACK) is of Scotch-Irish origin.

Simple Pedigree Chart of James Joseph TRAUTMAN (aka James Joseph WILSON)

Simple Pedigree Chart of James Joseph TRAUTMAN (aka James Joseph WILSON). Copyright Notice: You do not have permission to download or copy this image without obtaining it from me. Thank you.

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