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Elizabeth (CORMACK) RENFRO – A Nice, Big X Match (Ancestor 45)

If you’ve been studying genetic genealogy for a bit, you may understand X DNA, but I’ll give a summation here. X-DNA is different from regular autosomal DNA. The 23rd chromosomal pair contains the sex chromosomes – those which determine the … Continue reading

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Protected: TROUTMAN/TRAUTMAN FTDNA Project Helpful Information

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Genetic Genealogy – DNA Testing and You

This article is the first in a series that William H. Blue, president of the National Blue Family Association (NBFA), invited me to write some time ago about DNA for genealogy. The series is appearing in issues of The Chalice, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on DNA, Privacy, and Big Corporations

By this time, my few readers should know that I mostly hate AncestryDNA, that 23andMe annoys me, and that I have only minor complaints about Family Tree DNA. I love genetic genealogy. I encourage DNA testing for genealogy with a … Continue reading

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TROUTMAN/TRAUTMAN – New Family Tree DNA Surname Project

I started a surname project at Family Tree DNA! 🙂

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