Uncles Perry and Ernest WILSON: My Grandfather’s Locomotive Engineering Brothers – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 6)

My maternal grandfather Roy U. WILSON was one of 8 children of Isaac Andrew and Barbara (HAAS) WILSON. There were four girls and four boys. Roy was the youngest.

Of his three older brothers, one died in Colorado, and the other two moved to northern Indiana and became locomotive engineers.

Great-uncle Perry Lucian WILSON (1878–1937) worked for the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railroad Company (EJE) out of Gary. He was possibly married twice and appears to have had no children, at least none that I have found so far.

Great-uncle Ernest Dalton WILSON (1883-1952) also worked as a locomotive engineer out of Gary, was married, and had a son and a daughter. I have found a photograph of him standing in front of an EJE engine.*

It makes me wonder if one brother followed the other up north, or if they went together.


*This photo can be found in a public tree on Ancestry. I am not republishing it here.

Organizing Your Genealogy Contacts

Organizing Your Genealogy Contacts

I was chatting with a friend and fellow genealogist when I typed, “I really should make a spreadsheet of all my contacts with people for the different families.” Her response, “That’s a great idea!!” Then she encouraged me to write an article about that, so here it is, and the spreadsheet has begun. I doubt this is a novel topic, but this is my idea.

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My Contact Me Form Had the Wrong Email Address

Yes, it’s true. I just discovered this.

My Contact Me form had the wrong email address… for about 4.5 years.

SoOH NO Emoji, if you’ve contacted me through the Contact Me form on this Blog and I didn’t return your message, I am so incredibly sorry. Furthermore, there is no way for me to access any of those old messages.

I fixed it, tested it, and it works now. I hope to hear from you if you are one of those people.


I am my own webmaster, and I’m the one who typed my email address incorrectly.

C’est la vie.
So ist das Leben.
Así es la vida.
Dat ass Liewen.
Sellaista on elämä.
Such is life.