James William WILSON (1888-1943) : “Died in a gutter in Colorado”

James William WILSON (1888-1943) : “Died in a gutter in Colorado”

The family said that he “died in a gutter in Colorado.” But sometimes families exaggerate. They said he had a drinking problem — that it contributed to his death. Perhaps it did. Continue reading

Ida May (TREES) WILSON (1869-1898) – “She was not ready to die”

Ida May (TREES) WILSON was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (LARIMORE) TREES. At the age of  18, she married my great-grand-uncle Joseph Eddy WILSON. She had three little children, then suffered “lung trouble,” and died at the age of 29. Continue reading

Thomas JOHNSON (1794-1874) – “He was a just man” – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 62, Obituary)

A while back, newspapers.com added one of my much-needed publications, The Hancock Democrat from Greenfield, Indiana. I didn’t take a second look for the obituary of my 3rd great grandfather, Thomas Johnson (1794-1874), and I was very pleasantly surprised when a 4th cousin who I met for the first time on Thursday presented me with this: Continue reading