Genetic Genealogy – DNA Testing and You

This article is the first in a series that William H. Blue, president of the National Blue Family Association (NBFA), invited me to write some time ago about DNA for genealogy. The series is appearing in issues of The Chalice, the NBFA newsletter.

Genetic Genealogy – DNA Testing and You

For those of you who have tried to understand the topic of DNA for genealogy and become overwhelmed, believe me, I understand. You may be relieved to know that I have tried to make it so that this does not happen from reading this article. I am assuming the reader has no knowledge about DNA or DNA testing except what is covered here. Thus, I hope to begin as top level as possible. There is a glossary, and each introduced term will be in copperplate font and will be defined there.
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Thoughts on DNA, Privacy, and Big Corporations

By this time, my few readers should know that I mostly hate AncestryDNA, that 23andMe annoys me, and that I have only minor complaints about Family Tree DNA.

I love genetic genealogy. I encourage DNA testing for genealogy with a passion. I think we all need to be educated about the risks, and to learn the code of ethics, better known as the Genetic Genealogy Standards, which are available for download at Continue reading

AncestryDNA Black Friday Sale : Nov 27-30, 2015

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AncestryDNA Black Friday Sale : Nov 27-30, 2015

It started today, and it goes through November 30th. AncestryDNA’s Black Friday Sale. You can get a regularly priced $99 kit for only $69. That is 30% off, and a very, very good deal for a DNA test. Continue reading

How to Use AncestryDNA and Stay Sane

sparkle-the-rainbow-unicorn-queenSo now that many of us have had our say about AncestryDNA’s failed “New Ancestor Discovery” feature, let’s take a look at what we can do with AncestryDNA. (But PLEASE, continue to have your say about the “New Ancestor Discovery” feature!)

First, I’ll remind you of what Ancestry claims this new feature does (in case anybody questions whether or not it is a failed feature).

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