AncestryDNA Black Friday Sale : Nov 27-30, 2015

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AncestryDNA Black Friday Sale : Nov 27-30, 2015

It started today, and it goes through November 30th. AncestryDNA’s Black Friday Sale. You can get a regularly priced $99 kit for only $69. That is 30% off, and a very, very good deal for a DNA test. Continue reading

Dear Kenny – Any Suggestions for Our New Ancestor Discoveries?

Dear Kenny,

I thought you and I were having a heartfelt discussion. I was sure you would contcryingact me over the weekend so we could talk about your communication to the community. I am sad that I did not hear from you.

Perhaps you have been busy today, talking with customers, working on your VoC skills. If so, I commend you for that. Continue reading

How to Use AncestryDNA and Stay Sane

sparkle-the-rainbow-unicorn-queenSo now that many of us have had our say about AncestryDNA’s failed “New Ancestor Discovery” feature, let’s take a look at what we can do with AncestryDNA. (But PLEASE, continue to have your say about the “New Ancestor Discovery” feature!)

First, I’ll remind you of what Ancestry claims this new feature does (in case anybody questions whether or not it is a failed feature).

Continue reading

AncestryDNA Has Now Thoroughly Lost Its Mind

I, like I’m sure many users of AncestryDNA, today received an email saying that they found me a new ancestor. Oh boy! That sounded promising. Or exciting. Could they really do that?

Yes, they could if they knew which segments on which chromosomes are inherited from which ancestor, and if they matched that from my matches to my DNA data. And, technically, their database could be big enough to figure that out if they did some really good triangulation. If it were possible to know via DNA things that can only be found through genealogical research, then yes, they could do that.

But, I was doubtful.

The email looks like this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 9.34.02 PM

Okay, cool. So Obadiah Pierce (1774-1836) is my “new ancestor.” I clicked on “Show Me,” and got this. Continue reading