Barbara (GENGEL) HAAS (1816-1899): Gave Birth on the Voyage to America – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 27)

My great-great grandmother Barbara (GENGEL) HAAS was born in Württemberg, Germany, on 15 February 1816 (1), exactly 150 years to the day before I was born. I would say that’s pretty close to my birthday, which is this week’s 52 Ancestors theme.

Barbara was my mother’s daddy’s maternal grandmother. She died in 1899, four and a half years after my granddaddy was born. I have no photographs of Barbara, no mementos, no images to show of her. Just these words on this electronic page. Continue reading

Richard of Kentucky, are you my KING? Richard, Oh, Richard, who is your Queen? – 52 Ancestors (Possible Ancestor 50)

UPDATE January 2019: After more study, I do believe that the Sabina/Sibby BALLENGER I discuss in this article was not Labina/Libby, but was indeed Sabina/Sibby. I have modified the article accordingly.

NOTE: January 2019. After this article, I discovered that the original interactive maps for Kentucky are at

I did not want to have to try to figure out new ancestors this week. It’s so hard! I have the flu! And I wrote every day last week! With the flu! But the 52 Ancestors theme this week is “King.” How could I not do something on my KING ancestors? Maybe somebody else in the group will have the same ancestors.

Wouldn’t that be lucky?
Oh, dear, these folks were in Kentucky!

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