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Holidays 2017 – Twelve Years Without Mom – Ancestor 3

Everything changed when she died that summer, 2005. Holidays weren’t the same, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is not a new story — people who have lost loved ones experience a variety of emotions at certain times of the year. … Continue reading

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Twelve Years Ago Today – Ancestor 3, My Mother

It was twelve years ago today. It was approximately 3:45pm. It was a Monday. I got there about 25 minutes before then, maybe fewer. Her fluids were unhooked. I just sat with her. She was so cold. So cold. Her … Continue reading

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Margaret Ellen Wilson, 3 April 1931, Muncie, Indiana – Ancestor 3

I loved my mother so much, although I often had a strange way of showing it. But she was my best friend, my companion. We had so much fun, particularly after I became an adult. She understood me, but she … Continue reading

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My Aunt Janie

My Aunt Janie died 15 years ago today. She was my aunt by marriage, but when I was a child growing up, I didn’t know that. I just knew her as Aunt Janie. She was married to one of my … Continue reading

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Happy Day After Christmas

After a divorce in 2014, for my own emotional and physical health, I chose to begin to see the holidays differently. Fraught with expectations and memories, Thanksgiving and Christmas were mixed with things to look forward to and many let … Continue reading

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