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Mother and infant in a rocking chair

Surprise! I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite photos of my mother and me. How to cite this article using Elizabeth Shown Mills’ Evidence Explained formatting (replace the date in the citation with the date you viewed … Continue reading

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Sarah (JOHNSON) KUHN: “Mum” – Harvesting Photos – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 31)

Sarah JOHNSON was my matrilineal great-great-grandmother. I have found or heard so much about her that I could probably write this story half asleep with my eyes closed. Yet, I wish I knew more. Birth and Early Childhood Sarah was … Continue reading

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Elizabeth (CORMACK) RENFRO – A Nice, Big X Match (Ancestor 45)

If you’ve been studying genetic genealogy for a bit, you may understand X-DNA, but I’ll give a summation here. X-DNA is different from regular autosomal DNA. The 23rd chromosomal pair contains the sex chromosomes – those which determine the biological … Continue reading

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Minnie Magdalene (KUHN) VAN DUYN Ancestry Chart – 5 Generations (Ancestor 15)

Minnie Magdalene (KUHN) VAN DUYN is my 2nd great grandmother.

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Twelve Years Ago Today – Ancestor 3, My Mother

It was twelve years ago today. It was approximately 3:45pm. It was a Monday. I got there about 25 minutes before then, maybe fewer. Her fluids were unhooked. I just sat with her. She was so cold. So cold. Her … Continue reading

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