My First True New Ancestry Discovery (NAD) on AncestryDNA

The day has finally come. I am now a part of a New Ancestry Discovery (NAD) group that makes sense! The NAD is Christian JANTZI, who I once thought was my ancestor.

I use a small, mostly ancestors only tree which is labeled in very large letters that some items in the tree are speculative.1

This tree includes the man Christian JANTZI, who may or may not be the father of my ancestress Catherine YANCEY. At one time, I had linked Christian to her as her father, but later decided to remove him because I couldn’t even hypothesize it.

However, I did not remove him from this tree. So, I have DNA matches with people who have Christian JANTZI in their trees, and I have him in my tree, but not as my ancestor.

Voila! My first “accurate” NAD.

I will admit that it has led me to take a look at a few public Ancestry trees that have Christian JANTZI in them. One has sources from Archives Moselle out of France. This site may contain source material that could help me determine Catherine YANCEY’s parentage.

So, AncestryDNA, maybe there is hope for you yet.

1. I got this idea from Roberta Estes’ post

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