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Coonrod S. COON and Barbara RADABAUGH, Part I


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My First True New Ancestry Discovery (NAD) on AncestryDNA

The day has finally come. I am now a part of a New Ancestry Discovery (NAD) group that makes sense! The NAD is Christian JANTZI, who I once thought was my ancestor. Continue reading

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Latest Post on Coon Genealogy Blog

For Diggin’ Up Graves subscribers interested in the genealogy of the families of Coon, Koon, Coons, Kuhn, and various spellings, (or those just interested in more genealogy in general!) please subscribe to my Coon Genealogy blog at

The latest article is a backround of the settlement on the creek in West Virginia that became known as Coon’s Run in the 1700s.



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Some of Those Who Built Me

These are images that I have of my ancestors. Without these, I would not know their features. I do not know their voices Continue reading

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Coon Genealogy Blog Up and Running

The Coon Genealogy blog is up and running at

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