Too Young to Marry: Sarah A (TAGUE) VAN DUYN – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 29)

Too Young to Marry: Sarah A (TAGUE) VAN DUYN – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 29)

My 2nd great grandmother, Sarah A. (TAGUE) VAN DUYN died of a stroke (cerebral hemorrhage) in Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana, on Valentine’s Day of 1935. She was 79 years, 9 months, and 15 days old. Continue reading

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Sunday Fun Day – You Know You’re a Genealogist When…

Sunday Fun Day

You know you’re a genealogist when… Continue reading

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Cousin Bait: Moses WILSON or Moses WILLSON

I’m doing what in the genealogy community we call “cousin fishing” or putting out “cousin bait.”

It is probable that I descend from a Moses Wilson. Still working on that, and this article is not about what I know (or don’t know) regarding that Moses Wilson.

I’m seeking people who are descended from or related to anybody named Moses Wilson (or Moses Willson). The name Moses seems to be passed down in the Wilson family (from what I have seen), and I suspect that these families are related.

Here are the ones that I have found so far. If you know of any Moses Wilson or Moses Willson in your family, even if it is not one of the following, please comment or contact me.

  • Willson, Moses, d. February 1772 – Delaware, USA
    • Will probated in Sussex County, Delaware, on 19 February 1772. Wife named in Will as Ann, and children listed were Mary Hazzard, John, Isaac, Jesse, Aaron, Moses, and Sarah.
  • Willson, Moses, b. aft 1755
    • Son of Moses named above.
  • Wilson, Moses, b. abt 1793 – Kentucky, USA; d. 5 February 1872 – Jennings County, Indiana, USA
  • Wilson, Moses, b. 1 May 1715 – Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, British Colonies
  • Wilson, Moses, d. aft 1774
  • Wilson, Moses, black (negro)
  • Wilson, Moses, b. abt 1796 – Kentucky, USA; d. 1 March 1863
  • Wilson, Moses L, b. 10 August 1899 – Indiana, USA; d. 3 January 1987 – Nappanee, Elkhart County, Indiana, USA
  • Wilson, Moses P

And so many more!

If you are, or think you are, a Moses Wilson descendant, please comment here.

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Previous Post Link — Correction

Sometimes WordPress will use the date you began a post instead of the date you publish it to create a link to it. This just happened with my post this morning. Here is the correct link.


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Joseph H. VIRKLER – Cheese Manufacturer, Sewing Machine Agent, “Segar” Salesman, and Real Estate Builder – 52 Ancestors (Ancestor 18)

I have been halted by perfectionism while writing an article about a different ancestor. It seems like it will never get finished, as I’ve been “working on it” for nearly two years. It will, but will it take another year? I don’t know.

In the meantime, I thought I’d write some short (well, relatively speaking) yet fruitful (my wishful thinking) articles about other ancestors, one every now and then. They say that if you’re going to have a blog, you should write everyday. Yeah, right. That’s me [insert sarcastic tone]. At least you should write once a week. Lately, I’ve been lucky to get something out every 4-6 months! It’s not for lack of starting articles, and this is one of those which had a nice title and no text. It has the research. Now, it will have the write-up.

A quickie with good sources and no citations. I’m appalled. Continue reading

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